“I love the feeling of knowing that I am doing something to help the environment. I feel that my family will be healther to by keeping them away from harsh cleaning products that many of the other cleaning companies use.”

– Jaime Nilles

“Green Earth House Cleaning is a terrific service. They are always friendly, efficient, and thorough and leave a checklist of the cleaning tasks that were completed each visit. I love supporting local eco-friendly companies, and I especially love that they pay their cleaners a living wage and provide them with benefits.”
-Stacey, Portland, OR

“Green Earth House Cleaning provides efficient, reliable, housecleaning services you can both afford and feel good about. My home is cosistently cleaned to my satisfaction and never smells of harsh chemicals or cleansers which is important to me as a mom of two small children and a dog. I would recommend Green Earth to anyone looking for hardworking housecleaners who prioritize the health of the environment and your home.”
– Hilary, Southeast Portland

“I’ve been a client of Green Earth House Cleaning for over 6 years. They are flexible and easy to work with whether it’s on my home or one of my rentals. I can tell them what I what done and they do a really good job, without supervision, at a reasonable price. I can and do highly recommend them.”
– Mike, Northeast Portland

“I really like Green Earth Cleaning. I first used them to clean out my condo to sell & then for move out & now that I have a house, I am having them clean my house monthly. I think they do a great job, they are easy to communicate with & they come on time & work efficiently. I also like that they are kind to my cats & write little notes saying that they enjoyed petting them. I’d highly recommend Green Earth!”
– Erin, Souththeast Portland

“I called green earth initially because of their environmentally friendly approach to housecleaning. I’ve stuck with them because of the great cleaning job they do. The green approach is just gravy to the great work.”
-Tatum, Portland, OR

“We are very happy with Green Earth! Cleaning is consistent, thorough and always on time. The earth-friendly products they use are good for the house and our pets.”
– Sherry , SE Portland, OR

“We have been thrilled with Green Earth House Cleaning. The level of cleaning is fantastic. Bonnie and her crew are extremely responsive and we appreciate supporting a local business.”
– Monika, Southeast Portland

“Fantastic – they are wonderful and use non-toxic products that I feel good having in my home..”
– Corrinn, Southeast Portland

“The team is always on time and they’re very thorough. In addition, it’s remarkably easy to contact the service and reschedule as necessary (I travel a lot). Bonnie is great to work with, and her team members are exceptional..”
– Amy, Southeast Portland

“This is a very professional company. They were able to accommodate the dates/times that I need, provide a check sheet every week of what was done and will do extras if I ask. Always on time! The cleaning is thorough and green products are used.”
– Elanna, Northwest Portland